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Brand guidelines keep your brand's messages consistent and cohesive, which allows your brand to be recognizable and powerful.

Why Brand Guidelines?


For any brand to be effective, it needs to be consistent. If you change your logo’s colors to fit a certain marketing material better, it may not be recognizable to your consumers or clients anymore. With brand guidelines in place, you can ensure your brand’s elements are used effectively and look professional anytime they are used.

Setting Standards and Rules

Your brand guidelines are rules for using your brand’s visual elements. These rules will include when to use a logo versus a wordmark, how to space the logo, and the hierarchy of color and typography. You probably know your brand’s identity inside and out, but a new employee may not. Brand guidelines are valuable to keep your brand cohesive in any situation.

Provides Tools

Your brand guidelines aren’t just about setting rules; they’re about providing you and anyone else sending out a message from your brand with the tools to keep your branding consistent. The elements in your brand guidelines work together to create a cohesive message; those elements are the tools you need to develop moving messages and iconic marketing communications.


Keeping your brand consistent makes it more immediately recognizable within your industry and with your target audience. Building a recognizable brand can take a lot of time, but your brand can quickly be distinguishable by adhering to your brand guidelines.

Avoid Confusion

Just because not many people use the tools and elements outlined in your brand guidelines doesn’t mean that will always be true. If you’re looking to scale your company or just add one employee, then more and more people will be involved and part of your brand. You need something to keep your brand consistent and cohesive.


When a brand’s identity is cohesive, it increases its perceived value. Consistency allows your brand to appear more professional and reliable. By implementing brand guidelines, you make maintaining the quality and integrity of your brand’s image easier.

Brand Guidelines Services

Logo Construction

Visually impactful and memorable name and imagery

Logo Treatment

Define and enhance the visual elements of a logo

Color Palette

Conveying a personality and creating a color identity


Arranging font styles, sizes, and spacing to convey written information effectively and aesthetically


Symbols to visually represent the brand and concepts

UI Elements

The visual and interactive elements designed to facilitate user experience (UX).


Repetitive visual elements or motifs strategically employed to enhance brand recognition


Tactile or visual surface characteristics introduced to design elements


The representation and storytelling through carefully curated visuals


Visual standards for leveraging and partnering with another brand’s equities


An organized set of visual and verbal items that comprise all or part of your company’s brand


The tangible and visual assets, such as brochures, business cards, and promotional materials

Email Partners

WMD agency is proud to partner some of the most prestige email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

How it works?

Identify your target audience

We will start by exploring who interacts the most with your content, what your best users or customers’ profiles look like, and who your best customer advocates are. 

Logo construction and treatment

Your logo is an essential part of your brand. Your brand guidelines dictate precisely how creatives should use your logo. Designers are naturally creative, so it is crucial to show how to use your logo and not to use it.

Pick a color palette

Colors can be easily shifted from designer to designer or program to program. It’s important to give the exact hex code for web use as well as CMYK values and Pantone colors for items that will be printed.

Choose brand fonts that reflect your identity

Your brand guidelines dictate what typeface goes where and how to use it. Brand fonts should include headline fonts, body fonts, and personality fonts for designs.

Select or create iconography that represents your niche

Iconography can help set your brand apart and convey information more effectively. We will select or create icons that can enhance designs and be used effectively. 

Create UI elements

Your website is the window to your organization. To maximize the effectiveness of your website, establish a strategic hierarchy through design, typography, and calls to action (CTAs). The buttons and navigation bar should match your brand style and more.

Set patterns, textures and imagery

Photography, patterns, and textures can also be reflections of your brand. Specific styles evoke certain responses, and people can recognize a brand based on a photo, pattern, or texture. 

Co-Branding, brand systems and collateral

We will create visual standards to collaborate with other brands, a brand system that comprises your brand, and tangible collaterals such as brochures, business cards, and promotional materials.

Brand guidelines delivery

You will receive a comprehensive visual style guide that becomes the didactic instrument that explains the elements and visual system that builds an identity for your brand.

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