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Located in the heart of Miami Beach, WMD agency embodies the spirit of the city's dynamic culture, infusing creativity and passion into every project. We are not just architects of ideas and designs but storytellers weaving narratives that resonate with the city's diverse audience. Our fashion-forward style and Fortune 500 experience give us the aesthetic and expertise to enhance and grow our clients. While many agencies slap client logos on their websites and call it a day, WMD shares the details of what we’ve done—honestly and transparently.

Sze Liu

Chief Growth Officer

Marcela Barbosa

Creative Intern

Bradley Cummins

Chief Creative Officer

Shu & Mai

From our portfolio to case studies, we’re an open book. We’ve hosted more free Miami entrepreneur events than you can count on both hands. In fact, we hosted the largest Shopify meetup worldwide in 2020 with over 250 people and four fabulous women speakers sharing their Shopify secrets. Our founders have been flown across the country to speak at Shopify Unite in Toronto and Blitz Marketing in Chicago, we are frequent WordCamp Miami speakers sharing our wisdom like seasoned pros. Let's team up and make business magic ~

We’re all about creating a fabulously inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone, from our WMD team to the coolest clients, can feel right at home. So, bring your quirks, your uniqueness, and your A-game because at WMD, we celebrate diversity like it’s a party, and everyone’s invited!
At WMD, we’ve got this crazy idea that honesty is the best policy – call us rebels. We lay out our clients’ projects like a well organized menu, and you know what? We stand behind it like your favorite hype person. No smoke and mirrors here, just good ol’ honesty and transparency. We believe in building trust the old-fashioned way – with a sprinkle of charm, a dash of integrity, and a whole lot of creativity. Because let’s face it, in a world full of fine print, who wouldn’t want a refreshing sip of straightforwardness? Cheers to ethics and keeping it real!
Now, about sustainability – we’re basically the eco-warriors of the office jungle. We bring our own water bottles because hydration is key, and virtual conferencing is our jam. Why travel miles when you can just slide into a virtual meeting wearing pajama bottoms? Genius, right? And here’s the real plot twist – we’re paperless! No trees were harmed in the making of our agreements, checks, invoices, paperwork, or taxes. It’s like we’re saving the planet, one digital file at a time. So, while others are drowning in paperwork, we’re here, sipping our virtual green tea, and high-fiving Mother Earth.