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Brand Strategy Builds Trust, Loyalty, and Recognition

A brand strategy aligns a company's values, vision, and messaging to create a unique and compelling identity that resonates with its target audience.

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Why Brand Strategy?

Build Trust

Branding strategy is the catalyst by which customers understand, purchase, and eventually come to rely on a particular company or product. By creating a concrete identity, branding fuels the assumption that a product will repeatedly provide the same results. 

Gain Clarity and Direction

A comprehensive branding strategy ensures everyone within your business understands its mission and core values. You can make better decisions with clearly defined objectives while always staying true to your identity.

Translate your Vision

Having a brand strategy makes it easy to translate what you want and need when working with copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and other 3rd party suppliers of your business. It provides both a written and visual guide to your vision.

Brand Stategy Services

Brand Statement

A short, concise, and memorable phrase that describes your company

Brand Values

The fundamental beliefs your company stands for

Brand Story

A cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that your brand creates 

Competitor Analysis

Identify competitors in your industry and research their different marketing strategies

Customer Personas

Defining your audience persona will help you target your ideal customer

Unique Selling Proposition

A promise of value to be delivered that defines the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you

Brand Personality

A set of human characteristics that are attributed to your brand

Brand Essence / Pillars

The foundational tenets on which a brand is built

Email Partners

WMD agency is proud to partner some of the most prestige email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo.

How it works?

Know what you stand for

We will start learning about your business, focusing on questions such as why do you exist? How will your brand behave? How do you plan to get there? Your mission statement will pave the way.

Understand your audience

By digging deeper with market research and analyzing your audience, we will define your target market and paint a clear picture of who your ideal customer is.

Find your sweet spot

Through perceptual mapping, such as a BCG Matrix Chart, an exercise that can provide a precise competitive analysis, we will provide a visual representation and help you find potential gaps and opportunities.

Discover your voice

We will discover a cohesive voice that encompasses the vibe of your brand and will help you express your story more honestly and meaningfully. Your brand voice lets you add emotion and a personal touch to all your communications.

Design your identity

Now is the time to get creative and integrate your brand’s personality into the visual elements. Creating identifiable brand guidelines will help maintain consistency and develop a cohesive vibe.

Submit deliverables

Your brand strategy deliverables include all strategic branding elements, which define the expression of the brand. It is constructed to allow the brand manager (or leadership team) to express the brand in the market through its guidance.

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01     What is brand strategy?

It is a documented strategic plan for how you and your team will articulate, execute, and promote your brand. It includes how you approach design, physical and digital brand assets, language, voice, and marketing. A clearly defined brand strategy inspires and unites staff, creates loyal customers, and contributes to business growth.

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