An ocean of possibilities

An ocean of possibilities

Digital Branding

Digital Branding

Digital branding makes up both visual and verbal perceptions as it relates to a company’s products and services, reputation, advertising, and all equities such as your logo and website. A strong brand can help your business grow and reach a loyal audience to prosper.

Our team of branding experts have gone through an extensive masters of branding program. We understand the philosophy, have the technical know-how and hands-on experience starting a new brand for startups and elevating existing brands to enterprise level corporations.

Simply put, aesthetics does not mean looking pretty in the branding spectrum. It means viewing a brand as something to contemplate. We uncover the intention of the business, find its meaning, and present it to the world that’s pleasing to the eye and speak for your brand.

Humans are wired to feel connected to others when they find similar interests, traits or experiences. We develope brand persona effectively steers strategic decisions in messaging, marketing, company culture, voice, experiential factors and many more key aspects of business with clarity and a human touch.

Digital branding is the ongoing effort to shape your audiences’ (customers, clients, employees, etc.) perceptions. We work to understand, define, and shape your brands to be authentic, distinctive, relevant and consistent.


Brand Guidelines

A brand guidelines explain the elements and visual system that builds an identity for the brand. Brand guidelines will include logo treatments, color palette, typography, Iconography, UI elements, textures, and imagery.

Logo Design

Driving awareness to a logo requires something ownable and equities that are distinct and unique. That ranges from the color pallet to the different typefaces and icons or imagery associated with the brand.


Animated graphics bring anything to life and at WMD we create everything from gifs to timelapse clips that can be featured on your Instagram story to your Tik Tok reels.


The virtual universe is merging with our real world at a rapid rate. These technologies are becoming more relevant in almost every industry and brands that can implement them using imagination and creativity will carve a new way to connect with customers and followers.

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