An ocean of possibilities

An ocean of possibilities

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are a functional document that defines the limits and scope for the use of your logo and brand equities. It serves as a didactic instrument that explains the elements and visual system that builds an identity for your brand. Brand guidelines will include logo treatments, color palette, typography, iconography, UI elements, textures, imagery, and brand collateral including packaging, signage, signatures, and business cards.

We develop your brand assets such as logo treatment, color palette, typography, and UI/UX elements that make up your brand identity. We thrive to create elements that are timeless, scalable, differentiate you from competitors and help people recognize the brand before even seeing the logo.

Brand consistency is the key. To maintain brand association in the minds of consumers, we use your brand assets consistently across all touchpoints such as website, social media, packaging and more.

After identifying your visual identity, we clarify your brand with more concrete elements like verbal, written, and tone of voice, and it gives your teams something tangible to refer to during every project and connect with consumers in a way that leaves a positive lasting impression.

The branding process should never be rushed. It’s important to clearly define your brand strategy early on, so you can build on it as you grow your business. Once we come up with a brand strategy, your brand identity will come together to support your business and build trust and recognition among customers.
brand guidelines

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