An ocean of possibilities

An ocean of possibilities

Cooper Street

Package Design

The packaging did not express enough from the brand and wasn't able to stand out in the competitive cookie landscape.

The new packaging features a hierarchy for the verbal and visual brand identity.

WMD designed a system with paint strokes, bold colors, and layered textures.

Brand Guidelines

tablet device

Clean Consistent Cohesive Layouts

Cooper Street is a women owned business and Elaine with her two sons, Max and Sam, have worked to enhance the Cooper Street brand and scale online. After launching their WooCommerce website they came to WMD to enhance their UX and configure extensive marketing tools and campaigns. WMD designed an extensive brand identity and guidelines to help define the look and feel of Cooper Street. After the marketing initiatives were executed to create custom cookie ratings with automated emails after two weeks of the purchase. Google Ads were coordinated with social media and bimonthly email campaigns to measure successful campaigns and better understanding the core Cooper Street customer.

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