An ocean of possibilities

An ocean of possibilities

Digital excellence comes in many shades, shapes & sizes

develops deep connections with our clients and community. Starting small to build trust and constantly learn how we work best together. Our goal is to consistently deliver the highest quality results with reasonable rates and grow together utilizing the newest technology and the most appropriate solutions from startups to enterprise-level corporations.

WMD has hosted over a dozen free local Miami entrepreneur events to help inform and equip merchants with digital solutions and information. We started the Miami Shopify meetups in 2017 and, in 2020, hosted the largest Shopify meetup with over 250 people at the WeWork in Wynwood. The event featured four women speakers who use Shopify and shared their tactics and tips. WMD also started the Miami MailChimp Meetups and Facebook Developer Circles.

  1. Virtual Shopify Meetup Miami

    How to Grow your Sales Online and not Fraud

  2. Virtual Shopify Meetup Miami

    How to keep running your business in a crisis situation

  3. Largest Shopify Meetup todate

    Tactics and Tricks for 2020

  4. Shopify POS and Refersion

    An evening discussing how social influencers utilize Shopify POS to sell at events.

  5. Shopify Unite 2018

    Co-founder Sze Liu speaking at Shopify Unite 2018

  6. Developer Circles Miami

  7. Facebook Dev Circles in Miami

    Featured in the Miami Herald read about how WMD partnered with Wyncode to launch the Developer Circles Miami.

Agencies can put any client logos on their website, but it tells the customer very little about what they did. We explain our work honestly and transparently at WMD, from our Portfolio to the various Case Studies. We build deep understandings of local customers and national markets to generate demand-driven growth. At WMD, we focus on applying our experience at Fortune 500 companies and within the luxury fashion industry to provide packages unavailable at traditional creative branding agencies.

We complete tasks the moment they hit our desks. Why? Because everything piles up in our business and projects need to stay on track. It's all about the momentum to continue a pattern of growth and scaling your brand and business.

Our office is South Fifth in Miami Beach. We have spoken from Shopify Unite in Toronto to Blitz Marketing in Chicago and are seasoned Wordcamp Miami speakers. We LOVE fashion, food, and traveling since these are the touch points we see the biggest in creativity and innovation. Follow our Instagram to see our WMD POV (@wmdpov).

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