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Brand Strategy and Visual Identity for a Consumer Rights Law Firm

Traditional marketing tactics do not easily translate to professional services firms such as legal professionals. Due to the nature of highly specialized professional services, many prospective clients are uncertain about how to evaluate your services. Your brand becomes an important way to establish credibility and trust.
Marcus & Zelman is a law firm based in the Greater New York area that specializes in consumer litigation. After our initial evaluation and research, we have decided to elevate their brand by amplifying their brand’s value and authenticity.

Starting with Brand Design

A strong brand is more than just a pretty face. But that doesn’t mean a pretty face isn’t important. Brand design is the process of crafting visual identity, your brand’s signature look and feel that is instantly recognizable in a crowded market landscape. To create a visual identity that refuses to be ignored, you need strategic, intentional brand design.

A Simplified Logo

Logos have gotten simpler and simpler over time. And the trend isn’t confined to one industry either. Increasing needs for online presence are the main reason companies are simplifying their logos. The rapid growth of mobile device usage has caused the old conventions for highly detailed, highly stylized logo designs to be increasingly difficult to do. With Marcus & Zelman’s logo,  our idea was to simplify it but it needs to tell an important story about the firm, its values, and its mission, all without a single word. The process involved stripping down the original design to include nothing but simple shapes and colors and removing extra components.

Brand Assets that Represent

Brand assets are recognizable elements that embody a company’s identity. They enable you to stand out in even the most crowded spaces, and convey a depth of understanding and background knowledge and reputation in one move. They allow customers and potential customers to connect with your brand immediately and without any context.

To emphasize the unique identity of Marcus & Zelman, we worked on their logo variation, colors and typefaces. Our focus was to create a cohesive, recognizable image for the firm and extend into everything the brand touches.

An Organized and Informative Website

Companies go through a redesign process for different reasons, but the main one is providing a seamless experience. If you have a great-looking site that doesn’t work properly and users leave because some features are hard to find, you will lose business. We built the new website on WordPress and a different web hosting solution so they can scale it with additional features and functionalities without the need to redo the entire site. Implementing the brand assets, we created and organized the new website with information that is easy to find and CTA (call-to-action) that is simple to achieve.

On-brand Social Media Designs

Social media design is the visual content used for digital marketing efforts used on social media. It provides your business with some consistency, added brand recognition and connects with your target customers.

Our goal was to create customer-focused, eye-catching graphics  in accompanying content that they share on social media, which communicates to their target audience. Every social media platform has different sizing and content guidelines. For example, Instagram is formatted to be viewed on smartphones, which means content must be presented in portrait orientation. Facebook, on the other hand, is formatted for landscape.

It often make reference to pop culture and the latest internet jokes, allowing our readers to have a place to learn and develop a sense of community.

Your branding doesn’t stop at your logo or website. It also extends to your social media. By investing time to develop a brand-specific design, you will get one step closer to connecting with your target audience.