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Elevated Online Experience for a Local Hair Salon

A strong digital presence is no longer a luxury for businesses. No matter how people discover your business whether it is social media, recommendations from others they know, internet searches, or traditional marketing channels, they will visit your website to learn more. In other words, your website acts as the hub for all other marketing efforts and is the most crucial component.

We have been working with Sean Donaldson Hair on their website since 2016. Their business has grown over the years, and they now have two locations. Although the website we created was doing fine, we knew it was time for a redesign to ensure their website always utilizes the most up-to-date best practices and reflects the latest web design. Ultimately, this is the most effective way to ensure your website always provides the best possible experience year after year.

Set out Specific Goals

Redesigning Sean Donaldson Hair’s website gives us an opportunity to reevaluate the experience they provide to their audience. With thoughtful planning and well-defined goals, their new website can provide users with exactly what they need more effectively in a way that is easy for them.

Give your visitors what they want at their fingertips

It is important to give your visitors what they want right on the homepage where the majority of a website’s traffic lands. Steve Jobs famously explained when the first Apple iPod came out how he insisted on being able to get to whatever music in three clicks during the design of the iPod interface. That’s why we put Sean Donaldson Hair’s services and contact info such as hours and locations on the homepage.

Identify and Measure Brand Metrics

Brand measurement is the process of identifying brand metrics for a brand, creating a methodology for taking measurements and then adjusting marketing strategies over time using the insights gathered. They can also be used to put a number on brand equity, helping to prove the value of your brand to internal and external stakeholders.

Make it Easy for the Customers

Converting visitors, either into promising leads or actual sales is the primary goal of every website. A redesign allows you to ensure your website is optimized to move visitors through the sales funnel, converting as many leads and/or sales as possible.

These conversions can take many different forms. Since Sean Donaldson Hair offers on-site services, an appointment form where their customers can pick the location they want to go to and leave their contact information would be the most ideal.

Custom Icons to Bring Emotions and Personality to the Brand

Icons are often forgotten in a branding process. When we hear the words “visual identity”, people tend to think of typography, colors, and imagery. In our opinion, icons should be equally important when defining a brand’s identity. They are often just as visible as other brand elements. Icons play an important part in communicating a message or indicating actions and commands in a user interface.

Icons, especially customized ones have a unique way of increasing usability and bringing clarity. On top of that, they bring emotions and personality to the brand, add value and enhance the brand expression, and help increase brand recognition.

Your website is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts, and it’s crucial that your redesigned website sets your business up for ongoing growth and success. Our WMethodology creates a far better and smoother client experience. It also ensures the best possible website marketing performance, allowing your business to grow and thrive.